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Call Us +91 8762101059

What We Do

Luigi Monti Home is a centre exclusively dedicated for caring the Senior Citizens. It ensures the safety and care for the inmates by an attentive and dedicated service. Luigi Monti Home assures a serene and homely atmosphere for the healthy and dignified living of its inmates. It provides the inmates all kinds of facilities for making their lives comfortable and peaceful. .

Other services that we are providing

Quality service with Love.

Refreshment Programs

Luigi Monti Home provides Spiritual nourishment program , Meditation , Yoga and Counseling

Health Care

Luigi Monti Home provides Skilled and attentive nursing care & other health services

WiFi Facility

24 hours Wi-Fi Facility will be available. High speed Internet provides easy communication


Facilities for reading and updating knowledge. Spiritual and other quality book available.

It is a wonderfull experience and homely atmosphere. All the best...


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We remain most greatful for having found Monti Home.Homely atmosphere. Totaly wonderful experience.

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